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Course Offerings

From Art, Business Education and Engineering, to Music, Language Arts and Technology courses, we offer a wide variety of courses for our students to choose from. Did you know that South Dearborn covers a portion of every student's textbook fees?

Learn more and read course descriptions by contacting the Guidance Department with any questions.

*You may download a copy of the Curriculum Guide from the Guidance pull-down menu*


The Art Department offers a wide area of art media. The advanced courses are designed for students who want to specialize in a specific area.

South Dearborn High School offers a variety of courses in the business program that will benefit any student regardless of their field of study. These will actively engage students using instructional strategies that rely on the use of technology and practices that reflect current business and industry procedures as well as teaching everyday living skills.

The Southeastern Career Center, located in Versailles, Indiana serves 12 area high schools. Students attend the Career Center in the morning, returning to South Dearborn for lunch and afternoon classes. Credits earned at SCC serve as
elective credits for all diploma types. Many programs lead to certification or grant college credit. Applications for 2014-2015 are available in the Guidance Department.

Classes in Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) provide links between academic and career vocational skills. FACS classes take academic skills and apply them to everyday life situations using projects and hands-on experiences. Focusing on the needs of individuals and families, the skills taught will promote leadership, citizenship, communication, and decision making for
successfully living and working in the 21st Century.

The Language Arts Department has developed a two-level curriculum to meet the
individual needs of our students. We have, consequently, placed all students in one of two instructional levels, which best matches his present achievement level
and skill in language arts.

  • Honors English - This level is designed for students who have demonstrated a high degree of skill in the language arts area. Emphasis will be placed on oral and written composition and the reading of the classics at an accelerated pace. Students enrolling in this course will attend a four-year academic college. The initial selection process for freshmen is based on the ISTEP scores with a reading level of 9 to 10th grade and a combined reading and language arts score at or above the 85th percentile. Continuation in this program is contingent upon earning a C and teacher evaluation.
  • General English - This level is designed for students who are performing at or near grade level in the language arts area. Emphasis will be placed on communication skills through reading comprehension and practical writing and speaking experiences. Students enrolling at this level will have set as their goal an ability to use the English language effectively. This level assumes that students will attend postgraduate training. Freshmen entering at this level will be reading at 7th to 8th grade reading level and will have scored 50 to 85 percentile on the ISTEP in reading and language arts. Movement from this level to honors is contingent upon teacher evaluation.

The math department offers many different course offerings beyond the freshmen level. The Honors program is designed for those students that are math oriented. Anyone completing this series should be well qualified for any college program requiring a strong math background.
The department also offers a regular curriculum for those students that will pursue
post secondary education but may not be math oriented. The basis is the CORE 40
curriculum set out by the State of Indiana. Robust offerings of Dual credit higher level math are offered in conjunction with the Ivy Tech partnership.

In order to provide a quality education for every child at South Dearborn it is important to provide for the artistic and expressive aspects of each students intellect. Literacy in music strengthens a person's mental functions by enhancing problem solving and communication skills as well as fostering self-expression and aesthetic awareness. The music curriculum promotes lifelong participation in the arts by developing skilled creators, performers, critics, listeners, and observers in music.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) offers a dynamic high school program students with real-world learning and hands-on experience. Students interested in engineering, biomechanics, aeronautics, and other applied math and science areas will discover PLTW is an exciting portal into these industries.

All freshmen are required to take two trimesters of physical education. At the sophomore level the requirement is one trimester of health and wellness. We also have advanced physical conditioning.

The Science Department seeks to provide students with a learning community that promotes a lifetime of critical inquiry and learning as well as an awareness of and appreciation for the manner in which science and technology affect the quality of their world.

The Social Studies curriculum at SDHS connects the historical, civic, and social understandings and competencies that all students should learn in order to live in a democratic society. At the high school level specific courses continue to build
upon the skills and knowledge acquired at earlier stages of instruction.

Technology Education provides the understanding and problem solving skills needed by people throughout their lives. The student›s who enroll in technology courses at SDHS will develop both individual and group abilities that are needed
to participate in and contribute to today›s workforce.

The world that we live in continues to change and advance at an incredible pace. In order to be successful in an increasingly global society, our students' educational experience should include the opportunity to develop awareness of other cultures and peoples and to become proficient in multiple languages. SDHS offers courses in both Spanish and German.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Guidance Department to learn more.

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