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A 90 - 100
B 80 - 90
C 70 - 80
D 60 - 70
F Below 60

Report cards are will be viewable online the Friday following each trimester. Students and parents may view online report cards on STI InformationNow. Any discrepancy should be reported to Guidance for correction.

To keep the parent and students informed of their progress, mid-term grade reports will be veiwable online via STI InformationNow during the 6th week of each grading period.

Parents/guardians may access their student's grades using our school software InformationNow parent portal. A computer with internet capability is required as well as a unique username and password issued by the school. A direct link to
the site is on the school website. Parents/guardians without internet access may request Interim Grade Reports as outlined below.

Parents may request an interim grade report to aid them in keeping informed of their students' progress. These reports will be viewable the third and ninth week of the grading period. Parents who request the three-week grade check must attend an initial parent/teacher conference before grade checks will be started. This conference will consist of introduction of the teachers and parents and give parents the opportunity to explain what assistance they would like to receive from the faculty. The student(s) will also be required to attend. Parents also must provide self-addressed, stamped envelopes to receive the grade check. If necessary a follow-up conference could be held at the request of the teacher or parents.

The Honor Roll is published at the end of each Trimester. To be eligible a student must receive a letter grade of A or B in all subjects. Students who receive a grade of NC (No Credit Due to Excessive Absence) will not be eligible for the Honor Roll.

South Dearborn High School has a weighted class rank and grade point average (G.P.A.) system. Each course is assigned one of three levels based on the difficulty of the course. Points are assigned to each letter grade which is used in the computation of the students G.P.A. (see below)
All subjects are included in the class rank except freshman physical education, and declared courses.

(Level 2) (Level 3) (Level 4)
A = 6 points A = 5 points A = 4 points
B = 5 points B = 4 points B = 3 points
C = 4 points C = 3 points C = 2 points
D = 3 points D = 2 points D = 1 points
F = 0 points F = 0 points F = 0 points

Dividing the total credits attempted into the total points accumulated and multiplying the result by a conversion factor of .69 will equal the Grade Point Average (GPA). This process converts the average to the standard 4.00 system. A student may obtain a GPA of slightly greater than 4.00.

A student's G.P.A. & class rank are updated each trimester and are cumulative over four years.

Contrary to popular belief, the difference of one or even ten or more places in class rank will not make the difference in whether students qualify for scholarship consideration. Being numbers 3-10 in a class of more than 250 is a difference that will have little impact on one making a scholarship decision. Being number one or two may--but only in the most selective schools.

Other factors are weighted heavily including SAT and ACT scores (which seldom match exactly with class rank), personal characteristics, the breadth and depth of the curriculum chosen, the educational plan beyond high school, etc. This is not to diminish the accomplishments of students competing for the top rank nor should it change their desire to achieve such a status. A class of 250 has many good students and there are numerous measuring sticks to identify them. Class rank is only one of them. Students are encouraged to take courses right for them. The rest will take care of itself. Traditional level classes are included in the SDHS College Preparatory Program.

Valedictorian & Salutatorian
To be eligible for Valedictorian (Student with highest GPA) or Salutatorian (Student with 2nd highest GPA) a student must be in full time attendance for the entire senior year. Students receiving a grade of NC (No Credit Due to Excessive Absence) will not be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian.

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