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With leadership from Superintendent Dr. John Mehrle, the South Dearborn Community School Corporation educators are energized to continue raising the bar in education. Our administrators lead the strategic vision for the school and determine our overarching curriculum. We are fortunate to have such a strong leadership team at the helm at SDHS, and throughout the South Dearborn Community School Corporation.

Our school administrators work closely together to ensure your child's educational experience is an exceptional from their first day of Kindergarten through their last day of high school.

Brad Stoneking                                                    Curt Borntrager
Principal                                                                Assistant Principal
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Lisa Moorhead                                                      Ryan Walston
Director of Guidance                                           Athletic and Activities Director
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South Dearborn Students, Parents, and Community Members,

What a tremendous privilege it will be to return for my second year as principal of South Dearborn High School. From 2007-2013, I had the opportunity to work with the staff, students, and community as a teacher, coach, and administrator at South Dearborn High School. We are all "Knights" and we must all come together as a community to form the best educational experience for all of our students. 

outh Dearborn High School is moving in a positive direction. We will continue to move forward, and will strive to be better each day we enter the high school. We have all learned a great deal from our first year as a 1:1 school. It is our vision to promote relevant learning for our students. We will begin working towards a relevant digital curriculum for our students. The expectations for students are higher than ever before. Students will have a multitude of information right at their fingertips.

The 2016-2017 school year will welcome new educators to South Dearborn High School. Our goal, as educators, will be to provide a safe and productive atmosphere for students. We will continue to build a competitive atmosphere within our school promoting high expectations. It is vital that we teach our students the necessary skills in order for each of our students to become competitive after high school. Students must be taught the skills necessary to become successful in all education and work-related endeavors. 

We thank you for your continued support for the students and staff of South Dearborn High School. We will continue to grow in our opportunities, excel in our performances, and will achieve the status of high performing high school.

Yours in Education,

Brad Stoneking


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