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The major purpose of the guidance program is to help students develop the necessary competencies to make personal choices from relevant alternatives with greater understanding of their own values, interests, and abilities.

The primary objective of the guidance program is to organize the information and knowledge necessary to establish and secure the recognition of guidance as a mode of education, interrelated, yet distinct, within the total educational program. The counselors role is one of a helping relationship: counseling students concerning the problems for which they need help; helping them to know themselves; helping them to obtain and evaluate information concerning the opportunities open to them; helping them to discover ways of opening up new opportunities for themselves; and helping them to learn to make decisions and act upon them.

The specific objectives of the guidance services are to:
  • Provide all students the opportunity for individual counseling.
  • Provide group counseling for certain students and help them learn to accept responsibility for their own growth.
  • Maintain permanent records for present and future uses by students, teachers, parents, etc.
  • Provide information service to help students locate and answer questions about themselves, their environment, and their opportunities.
  • Help students develop career choices through interest test, self-appraisals, and other methods of obtaining and evaluating information.
  • Maintain testing programs to help students, parents, and teachers appraise their school progress and to help reassess themselves.
  • Conduct parent conferences to discuss student development.
  • Refer students to other helping agencies when that agency is better qualified to help.
Provide follow-up service that provides students with current information on the employment of recent graduates.
  • Help students implement their vocational plans.
  • Provide part-time placement service.
  • Provide consultant services for faculty.
  • Evaluate the guidance services.


Lisa Moorhead – Director of Guidance, Lisa.Moorhead@sdcsc.k12.in.us
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